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Are Dental X-Rays Safe?

X-rays, or radiographs, use short bursts of electromagnetic radiation to take a picture of your internal bones and tissues. The procedure is quick, painless and non-invasive. 

Today’s dental X-rays are digital, and they allow your dentist to see images of your teeth mere seconds after capturing them. The dentist can then email the images to specialists for further consultation and analysis. Modern X-rays have accelerated the rate at which dentists can identify and treat various oral health ailments.

The Importance of Dental X-rays 

An X-ray is an invaluable tool that allows your dentist to identify oral health problems that can’t be seen with the naked eye. The images will let your dentist know if you have cavities, gum disease or oral cancer. Early detection and treatment for these problems can prevent the need for major dental surgery in the future.

Safety and Dental X-rays

Studies have shown that dental X-rays pose no health risks to children or adults. Radiation from X-rays is lower than what you’re exposed to naturally from sunlight and soil every day. 

Taking a trans-Atlantic flight, smoking cigarettes, or using natural gas to cook or heat your home exposes you to far more radiation than a dental X-ray. The procedure is harmless, and the potential health benefits of dental X-rays vastly outweigh any perceived risk.

Read the position of the Canadian Dental Association on X-rays.

Dental X-rays and Pregnancy

If you’re pregnant and require an X-ray, your dentist will provide you with a heavy apron to protect your abdomen during the procedure. There’s currently no medical evidence showing radiation from a dental X-ray can harm an unborn baby. 

Additionally, pregnant women are more susceptible to dental issues that can negatively affect their unborn child, so make sure you don’t put off regular dental visits while you’re expecting.

Avoiding Dental X-rays

Patients who practise good oral hygiene habits, like regularly brushing, flossing and getting dental checkups, are less likely to need dental X-rays. You’ll require more them, however, if your dentist needs to monitor progress during complex procedures such as placing dental implants and orthodontics.

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