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Emergency Tooth Extraction

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Call Us Today for Emergency Tooth Extractions in SE Calgary

There are multiple reasons for an emergency tooth extraction. For instance, a crunchy snack or sudden mishap can break a tooth, causing radiating pain or even an infection. At Forest Lawn Dental Centre, we do everything we can to save your tooth, but removing the tooth is sometimes the wisest course of action in order to protect your oral health and overall well-being.


As tooth extraction is often performed on an emergency basis, Forest Lawn Dental Centre makes walk-in services available in SE Calgary so that you can receive timely treatment. We encourage you to visit us immediately with any dental emergency. If you have any questions about the tooth extraction process, give our office a call. Our team is happy to explain the process to you.

Why Is a Tooth Extraction Required?

Tooth extraction is often the last resort for dentists to protect your remaining teeth and gums. While a simple extraction might work for some, a complex surgical extraction might be required by others. Our team will assess your concerns and devise a personalized strategy for you.


When you come to us with a dental problem, we try our hardest to address it without an extraction. A broken or damaged tooth can be treated with a filling, crown or other dental treatments. Several reasons may call for an extraction, though. Some of the situations are:

✔ Extreme tooth damage from trauma or decay

✔ Crowding or extra teeth that prevent the growth of other teeth

✔ Periodontal or gum disease that loosens teeth

✔ Infections that threaten the health of the jawbone

✔ Preparation for full or partial dentures

✔ When baby teeth don’t fall, extraction is necessary

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom tooth extractions are among the most commonly performed tooth extractions. It is unnecessary to remove your wisdom tooth if it does not pose any complications. However, if it causes severe pain and swelling or has a high risk of doing so in the future, it is best removed.


Wisdom teeth often emerge between the ages of 17-25, causing a host of issues. Wisdom teeth extraction is often necessary when:

✔ The wisdom teeth are impacted, meaning they usually fail to emerge and become trapped in the jaw.

✔ The wisdom teeth emerge partially from the gums, causing infection.

✔ The wisdom teeth emerge at odd angles, affecting the existing teeth.

✔ The wisdom teeth are tough to clean.


For any dental emergencies, don’t suffer through the pain; come to us for prompt action. Contact us today. Our dental office is located in Calgary SE.

Do Not Delay Your Treatment

When you are experiencing a dental problem, visiting the dentist in time can help save your tooth. Whether it's for a cavity or an injury, delaying dental treatment will only worsen your symptoms and cause irreparable damage. Choosing to forego visiting the dentist despite increasing symptoms will only lead to a high chance of tooth extraction to avoid an infection.


Let us determine whether tooth extraction is necessary in your case. Visit our dental clinic in Calgary SE today. Our dentist has years of experience and can handle all types of dental emergencies. We provide minimal wait times and sedation options to ease your fear and anxiety during treatment.


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