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Orthodontics & Braces

Affordable Dentistry in SE Calgary | Forest Lawn Dental Centre

Orthodontics in SE Calgary - Braces to Bring a Smile to Your Face

Want to have a beautiful and bright smile? Count on Dr. Sandhu at Forest Lawn Dental Centre for orthodontics treatment in Calgary. For over 19 years, we have been providing effective treatment to patients of all ages. Whether you’re bringing in your children or want to straighten your own smile, we will discuss the various options available to you. At our clinic, we work with you to develop a personalized dental care plan that carefully considers your requirements and includes an outline of your treatment process, keeping you updated with all the information you need to have a happy and healthy smile. We also have third-party financing options available. Call us today to learn more about our dental care services. 

What Is Orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a form of dentistry that deals with the diagnosis, prevention and correction of misaligned teeth and jaws. Crooked and dispositioned teeth are harder to clean and are highly prone to decay, early tooth loss and periodontal diseases. Various types of fixed and removable appliances are used to help move teeth, retain muscles and alter the growth of jaws.


Fixing orthodontic problems is not only about cosmetics and self-confidence. There are important dental health reasons and benefits as well. You might need orthodontic treatment if you are facing issues like overbite, underbite, crossbite, open bite, misplaced midline, spacing or crowding. All these can lead to difficulty in chewing, speaking, and can also cause muscle tension and pain. Braces, headgears, removable appliances, retainers and oral surgeries are the orthodontic treatments that can be used to correct your bite and smile.

Advantages of Orthodontic Treatment

✔ Ability to chew food properly

✔ Reduction in cavity and periodontal diseases

✔ Easing of speech impairment

✔ Lower rate of teeth grinding and chipping

Our SE Calgary Dentist Can Help You Gain Confidence

Appearance is not only about clothes or hair. Our smile is the most important aspect of our personal appearance. People lose confidence when they have a crooked smile or misaligned tooth. Orthodontic treatment can benefit people of any age. It helps in improving your smile and oral health as well because straight teeth are much easier to clean and less likely to get decay.
A cheerful smile is the first step in eliminating fear and gaining confidence. Our dentist, Dr. Sandhu, ensures to discuss various options available to you. We also offer a free consultation. Call us today.

Physiological Benefits of Orthodontics in Calgary

✔ Straight teeth are less prone to chipping and overall wear

✔ Once your teeth have been corrected, they will be easier to clean and less likely to decay

✔ Well-positioned teeth reduce your risk of gingivitis, recession, and gum disease

✔ A proper bite will cause less strain on your jaw muscles and joints

Cost Benefits of Choosing Orthodontics in Calgary

At Forest Lawn Dental Centre, we see orthodontics as an investment that will save you a tremendous amount of money in the long run. The treatment helps in improving the overall health of your mouth which means you don’t have to pay for pricey dental procedures in the future.


Customer satisfaction is our top priority. We aim at building a strong relationship with our clients by considering and meeting all their oral health needs. Allow us to help you gain the beautiful smile you deserve. Visit our clinic today!


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