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Child-Friendly Dentist

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Your Trusted Child-friendly Dentists in SE Calgary

Developing good dental habits starts when you’re a kid. As parents, it’s important to monitor your child’s oral habits daily to prevent infection and identify early signs of gum diseases and other dental problems. At Forest Lawn Dental Centre, our team is committed to providing excellent dental care and ensuring your child feels at ease and comfortable during each visit. Our dentists have over 19 years of experience helping patients of all ages maintain healthy teeth. If you are looking for an experienced child-friendly dentist in SE Calgary, you should give us a call to book an appointment. Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you have!

Early Childhood Dental Care

Forest Lawn Dental Centre believes that early preventative care is a must to ensure your child’s healthy smile. Ideally, this begins when your child is still a baby. Two important suggestions to consider when you start caring for their teeth:

✔ When your child is still under two years of age, we recommend using a soft toothbrush made specifically for children.

✔ Activities such as brushing the teeth for 2 minutes and using fluoride toothpaste are all methods to ensure that your child’s teeth grow healthy and bright.

Give us a call today, and we will be more than happy to help your child’s optimal oral health!

Tips On Making Dental Care Fun For Children

Your child’s baby teeth are like the paving stones for permanent teeth when they grow up as adults. We came up with a list of tips for parents and guardians to help make dental hygiene fun for children.

 Make brushing fun by having your child decide on their favourite colour toothbrush and select their favourite flavoured toothpaste. It would encourage them to brush their teeth.

 Educate your child about healthy habits by reading books or watching videos about dental hygiene.

 Ensure that your child is brushing his/her teeth for at least two minutes. Keep track of this time by using a timer or playing your child’s favourite song to keep them engaged.

 When taking your child for a dentist’s visit, plan out fun activities after the visit so they feel less anxious.

Practicing oral health habits while your child’s teeth are still developing can help pave the way for a cavity-free future when they grow up.

An Unmatched Child-friendly Dental Experience

Forest Lawn Dental Centre is committed to your child’s dental health, which is why we focus on preventive care and educating parents on dental care for children. Our team is dedicated to providing the best experience to ensure your child feels safe and comfortable in our office in SE Calgary. Call us today to schedule an appointment!


Child-Friendly Dental Office

Our dental team will make your child enjoy coming to the dentist's office in SE Calgary.

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