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Oral Surgery

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When Your Condition Requires Oral Surgery in Calgary

We offer both scheduled and emergency oral surgery at our Calgary dental clinic. Not all dental trauma requires oral surgery, but a broken tooth is a dental emergency, and we encourage you to call for an emergency appointment so you can receive timely and effective care.

Preparing for Your Oral Surgery at Our Calgary Office

Generally, oral surgery requires some preparation for your comfort and the surgery’s success. Before scheduling any surgical procedure, your dentist will have examined X-rays and answered your questions. We will also help you prepare for the day of your oral surgery with suggestions, especially if you need sedation, which may include:


✔ Not eating or drinking for 6 hours before your appointment

✔ Notifying your dentist about medications you use

✔ Having someone to drive you home afterwards

✔ Instructions for post-surgery care

Types of Oral Surgery

Patients can have oral surgery for a variety of reasons, including:


✔ Extracting teeth so damaged by trauma and decay that they can’t be saved

✔ Removal of wisdom teeth that are entrapped or “impacted” between the jawbone and gum tissue

✔ Surgically placing dental implants to anchor artificial teeth after tooth loss

✔ Bone grafts for denture wearers who have lost the bone that supports their dentures

✔ Root canal to remove infected pulp from the centre of an abscessed tooth to save it

✔ Gum tissue grafts to protect teeth exposed by receding gums

✔ Cosmetic gum tissue grafts and gum contouring for a more attractive smile


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