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IV Sedation

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Decrease Anxiety With IV Sedation Dentistry in Calgary

When compared to oral sedation and nitrous oxide sedation techniques, IV sedation often produces a deeper state of calmness, tranquility, and comfort. As a fast-acting form of sedation, patients can begin to feel relaxed within a matter of minutes of the sedatives being administered.


In offering IV sedation dentistry to Calgary patients, Dr. Sandhu and the staff of Forest Lawn Dental Centre aim to make your visit as pleasant as possible, while also ensuring a successful procedure. Patients who do fine with needles often prefer IV sedation as the results are faster, more predictable, and the amount of sedative being administered can be adjusted during the course of the procedure. As IV sedation allows for deeper sedation, it is often used for lengthy procedures that would otherwise require multiple visits.


Unlike general anesthesia, you will remain awake while you are being treated with IV sedation. “Conscious sedation” is typically the preferred method of sedation, as it is safer than general anesthesia and does not require outside support for basic life functions such as breathing and controlling heart rate.

Is IV Sedation Right for Me?

Although we most often think of sedation being administered during root canals and tooth extractions, IV sedation can also be used on patients with advanced sensitivities to dental pain or acute anxieties. Although IV sedation does have somewhat of a pain-dulling effect, we will most likely numb the areas being treated using a local anesthetic.


If our dentist has recommended intravenous sedation, you can be safe in the knowledge that our office meets all of the qualifications and certifications required to offer IV sedation dentistry in Calgary.

Discuss Your Sedation Options

Do you commonly experience anxiety when visiting the dentist? Call Forest Law Dental Centre to see if IV sedation or oral sedation is the solution to coping with your dental anxieties.


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