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5 Situations That Call For Emergency Dental Care

While some dental issues are minor and can be dealt with at your next scheduled dentist appointment, some problems require immediate attention. Here are five circumstances in which it’s critical to see an emergency dentist in SE Calgary.

1. You’ve fractured a tooth In most cases, a broken or cracked tooth can be saved. Your dentist may insert a filling or, in more serious cases, perform a root canal. The tooth may also need a crown. If you a fracture a tooth and don’t see your dentist right away, bacteria can lodge in the crack and infect the tooth. 2. You’ve dislodged a tooth If one of your teeth gets knocked out, your dentist may be able to restore it. However, you have to act quickly. If possible, rinse the tooth under water and fit it back in place. If you do this within 10 minutes, it can take root again. If this can’t be done, preserve the tooth in a cup of cold milk and bring it with you to the dental clinic. You have the best odds of saving your tooth if you see your dentist within the hour. 3. You have a persistent toothache An occasional toothache isn’t unusual but if it’s ongoing, it may be a sign that you have a cavity or a more issue serious such as an abscessed tooth. Symptoms of an abscess include:

  • Throbbing pain in the tooth, jaw or neck

  • Swollen lymph nodes

  • Swelling in the cheek

  • Fever

Call your dentist immediately if you think you have an infection or if you’re experiencing persistent tooth pain. 4. Your gums are bleeding If your gums regularly bleed when you brush or floss, this could be a sign of gum disease or a potentially serious health condition. Call your dentist to see if you require emergency dental care. 5. A filling or crown falls out Fillings and crowns are used to protect the more vulnerable parts of your teeth. If you lose yours, there’s a risk of the tooth getting damaged or infected. Make an appointment with your dentist right away to get the filling or crown replaced.

Emergency Dentist In Calgary

If you have a dental emergency, make sure to call an emergency dentist, ASAP. The experienced and friendly team at Forest Lawn Dental Centre in Calgary is available to treat you promptly. Contact us if you need to book an emergency appointment.


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