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7 Untold Ways to Use Dental Floss – Other Than Actually Flossing

Let’s face it, no one wants to floss. Okay, maybe some people love to floss, but for some of us it’s a struggle. However, you should be aware that flossing is really important. It’s the only way to prevent plaque, cavities, and gum disease from attacking in the spaces between teeth where a toothbrush can’t get to.

Our poor hygienists are never going to give up on us. They know the health effects and importance of flossing. We can do it, we can change. Let’s do it together. We can start by making flossing fun. And on the off chance that you don’t get around to doing it every single night, this way you can still say, “Yes,” when you are inevitably asked if you have been flossing at your next dental visit. Alternative Uses for Dental Floss 1. Cut a cake – Perfectly slice that cake you worked so hard to bake and frost. Floss is the perfect way to keep your cake looking beautiful and delicious and avoid the mess that using a knife can create. 2. Cut soft cheeses – Much like cutting a cake, floss can slice through soft cheeses with ease. Best of all, the cheese stays on the plate and not stuck to the knife. 3. Tie growing plants to a trellis for added support – Plants looking sad and wilted? Snow or heavy rain weighing them down? Are they having trouble? Give them tender support with delicate, but sturdy floss! 4. Re-string or string jewellery – Floss may be thin and small, but it is tough. It will be sure to hold even heavy jewels. It’s much less expensive than a chain and sturdier than thread or yarn. 5. Remove stuck-on photos – Don’t want those old photos of you and your boyfriend in your favourite photo album anymore? But you still want to preserve the memories? Use floss to delicately remove tacked down photos without leaving fingerprints behind. 6. “Whip a rope” – Use the old Boy Scout’s trick to prevent rope from fraying by tightly looping floss around a rope. 7. Tie packages – Have some packages or documents going through the mail or in your luggage that need to be secured, but not damaged? Send floss to the rescue! See? Floss isn’t the enemy after all. Now let’s have it help us keep our teeth clean too! For more advice about flossing and other ways to keep your smile healthy, schedule a cleaning at Forest Lawn Dental Centre.


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