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A Stress-free Dental Experience – How We Ensure Positive Visits

A girl smiles after dental treatment in the office of a dentist.

Oftentimes, people tend to associate their visit to the dentist with a stressful experience. Whether they fear going through the procedures of oral treatment or just feel stressed trying to convince their kids of the importance of their routine checkup, the visit to a dental clinic can sometimes be a complicated experience. In this blog, we are going to focus on how Forest Lawn Dental Centre provides a stress-free dental experience so that you and your family can get the treatment you need without worry or anxiety.  

Creating a Welcoming Environment 


A calming atmosphere can make all the difference when it comes to alleviating anxiety related to dental procedures. For over 19 years our team has been focused on keeping a friendly environment that can help patients of all ages feel safe and welcome. Unfortunately, some people go through the experience of visiting clinics that are just too busy and noisy, making the whole experience of getting a dental procedure more stressful than it needs to be. At Forest Lawn Dental Centre, we aim to provide a compassionate approach and a calm environment to make sure you are treated with attention and respect from the reception to the dental chair.  


Having Clear Communication 


Have you ever felt a dental treatment was more complicated than you expected? Have you ever had to call your dentist multiple times because you thought there was something wrong with the procedure you had just gone through? This is a clear sign of bad communication. In order to help you feel safe and calm in our office, our team ensures that every step of our services is thoroughly explained, making sure to answer any questions you might have. 


Providing Special Care for Children 


Pediatric dentistry can be a challenge for many families. Understanding that kids tend to be afraid and reluctant to the idea of going to the dentist, our office tries to minimize these feelings as much as we can. For instance, we encourage you to bring your child for routine checkups before they go under any complex treatment. We want to give your child an opportunity to get to know the clinic and our staff in advance. Kids are more likely to feel calm and safe in a dental office when they have already had positive experiences before. Also, when it comes to explaining procedures, we are trained to use age-appropriate language to help children understand what they might go through in a friendly and playful manner.   


Gentle Techniques  


It can be very frustrating to go through a dental procedure and experience an amount of pain and discomfort that could be avoided. At Forest Lawn Dental Centre, our experienced team is trained to perform a wide range of services and procedures, prioritizing the patient’s comfort and well-being. Offering both oral and IV sedation, we can help even those who are more sensitive to pain have a stress-free dental experience with us. 


Your Choice for Positive Dental Experience in SE Calgary  

Tired of having stressful dental experiences? Looking for a dental office that can help you and your family take care of your oral health in a welcoming and friendly way? At Forest Lawn Dental Centre, we offer stress-free dental services and solutions for people of all ages. Don’t let anxiety hold you back from achieving optimal oral health. Give us a call and let us show you how a visit to the dentist can translate to a positive experience for you and your loved ones in Applewood Park, Marlborough, Marlborough Park, Penbrook, Vista Heights, Temple, Dover Glen, Belvedere, Sunridge, Rundle, Pineridge, Monterey Park, Abby Dale, Lynwood, Valleyfield, Millican, Foothills, and Chestermere



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