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How To Help Your Teenager Cope With Wearing Braces

By taking these steps, you can help your teen adjust to wearing braces and focus on the positives of their orthodontic journey to straighter teeth.

If your teen needs or wants to get braces, it’s very common that they may begin to worry about getting teased, being in pain or not being able to eat their favourite foods. That’s why it’s important to offer your support. Here are some ways you can help your teen get used to their brand-new braces! 1. Be an Understanding Ally It may be difficult for your teen to adjust to wearing braces, both physically and emotionally. Be sensitive to your teenager’s situation and understand they may be in pain or feel insecure about their appearance. Be a good ally by listening to their concerns and validating their feelings. 2. Focus On The Positives If your teenager feels awkward or embarrassed about their braces, encourage them to focus on the positives. Remind them of the benefits of getting braces, such as having better oral health, a more attractive smile and increased confidence and self-esteem. You can help your teenager feel better about their braces by getting them excited about the end result. 3. Cook Easy-To-Eat Meals Wearing braces means your teen won’t be able to eat nuts, popcorn and hard foods. This can be tough, and not being able to eat the same things as everyone else may make them feel left out. By making an effort to serve soft, easy-to-chew meals at home, you can help ease your teen’s discomfort. 4. Encourage Good Dental Hygiene Your teen may find it difficult to take care of their teeth and get used to a new oral hygiene routine once they get their braces. To set them up for success, keep the bathroom well-stocked with oral care products including a floss threader, a dental pick, an interdental brush and an electric toothbrush. Having all the tools they need will make it easier for them to follow the orthodontist recommended guidelines for taking care of their teeth when wearing braces.


Ready for Braces? Need Some Extra Support? Team Up with Forest Lawn Dental Centre in SE Calgary Today!

If your teen needs braces, we can help you and your family along that journey. At Forest Lawn Dental Centre, we take the time to make sure you understand all available treatment options before developing a personalized plan for correcting your teen’s teeth. We provide AFFORDABLE professional orthodontic treatments to patients of all ages and are committed to offering friendly family dentistry services at our SE Calgary clinic. Contact us today to book a consultation with our orthodontist.


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