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How to Whiten Just One Tooth

Is a solitary tainted tooth getting you down? Whether it’s an injury or an abscess within the root that causes it, a lone darkened tooth can be a blemish upon an otherwise perfect smile. Rest assured, the solitary discolouration can be eradicated with cosmetic dentistry.


Your dentist in Calgary at Forest Lawn Dental Centre is able to use teeth whitening technology and other types of dental treatments available in Calgary to provide you with the bright white smile you desire. 


The Cause

The first step in treating the discolouration of your tooth is to establish what caused it.  A past trauma may be the culprit, but extreme dental decay can also cause darkening. What’s most important for your dentist to determine is whether or not the stain is simply on the surface of the tooth or coming from within it. Having this information will help resolve which treatment your dentist will use to whiten the tooth.


The Treatment

The best way to whiten may be one of the following:

  • Dentist administered teeth whitening treatment. Custom made trays contoured to the precise shape of your teeth will allow your Calgary dentist to apply teeth whitening gel to a solitary tooth.

  • Walking bleaching. A tooth that needs a root canal and is darkened by internal decay can be bleached using a strong agent inside the tooth. A gel is placed in the root canal and then a composite filling over that. For approximately two weeks the treatment is left alone and then is removed.

  • Veneer or crown. Certain kinds of discolouration can’t be eradicated with whitening or bleaching treatments. In such a case, your dentist will apply an appropriately coloured veneer or crown over the tooth. This masks the stain and allows the tooth to seamlessly blend in with surrounding teeth.


The Follow-Up

It’s possible that whitening treatments will need to be repeated as the tooth may again darken. Veneers and crowns will not stain but sometimes need to be replaced. The best way to maintain your white smile is to practise good dental care—daily brushing and flossing along with biannual dental cleaning—and avoid consuming substances known to stain teeth, especially red wine, tea, coffee and tobacco. 


Calgary Dental Clinic Welcoming New Patients

Forest Lawn Dental Centre providescosmetic dentistry services in Calgary. We help patients achieve beautiful smiles they can be proud to share with the world. To find out more about our specific services or to book a teeth whitening treatment, contact us today and we’ll be happy to assist you.

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