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Wisdom Tooth Removal: Is it Necessary?

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You notice that your wisdom tooth is growing in, and you’re dreading the pain of removing it. You probably saw videos on social media about people with puffy checks after getting their wisdom teeth removed and acting delirious from the anesthesia. The recovery process looks painful. Some might wonder if wisdom tooth removal is necessary if it causes so much trouble?


Continue reading as our blog explains whether or not wisdom teeth removal is necessary and how it’s not as stressful or embarrassing as it looks on the internet!


Why Do We Have Wisdom Teeth? 

Wisdom teeth are molars that grow in the very back of your mouth around the age of 17 to 21. It’s usually two on the top and two on the bottom. Our ancestors used them to break down hard or fibrous foods, like roots or nuts. Compared to modern-day, our diets are full of soft and chewable foods. We can cook food to make it easier to chew. Wisdom teeth are not as important as before.


Why Should You Remove Them?

Most people who remove their wisdom teeth do so because the teeth are causing discomfort or there is no room for the teeth to grow. Wisdom teeth can cause the surrounding gums to get inflamed, and they could even lead to infections. Your wisdom tooth can push up against your other molars if you have a small jaw. This can cause the wisdom tooth or the molars to crack (which will lead to cavities). 


Are You Experiencing Tooth Decay?

Wisdom teeth can lead to inflammation and infections. Wisdom teeth that are impacted are difficult to brush, especially when there's inflammation around them. The space around and underneath the tooth may be too small to adequately move a toothbrush around, and it's almost impossible to floss that far back. 


Cavities don't always cause pain or sensitivity. This is why it's important to visit your dentist twice per year so they can check for cavities. 


Getting in The Way of Braces

Even if your wisdom teeth aren't causing you pain, you may find that you need to remove them if you decide to get braces. If there's not enough room in your jaw for your teeth to straighten, the wisdom tooth has to go. 


When you visit an orthodontist, they'll x-ray your jaw and determine if your wisdom teeth can stay. You don't want your teeth to disrupt your orthodontic work.


Is Wisdom Tooth Removal Necessary? Not Always

The best practice is to remove wisdom teeth before it causes pain or infection. The wisdom tooth removal process isn't as scary as it looks. Your oral surgeon can use sedation dentistry so they can remove a wisdom tooth without pain or anxiety.


Are you ready to remove a pesky wisdom tooth? Contact us at Forest Lawn Dental Centre to make an appointment today.


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