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Can You Get Teeth Whitening with a Permanent Retainer?

A permanent retainer is a dental appliance which some people wear after having their braces removed. Permanent retainers are applied by a dentist in Calgary to the inside surface of the teeth in order to keep the teeth from shifting. Many people wonder if it's possible to get a professional teeth whitening in while wearing this retainer.

If you're interested in a teeth whitening, then you'll be happy to find out that yes, you absolutely can have your teeth whitened while wearing a permanent retainer. In fact, a lot of braces wearers choose to do just that after having their braces removed, pairing their newly straightened smiles with newly whitened teeth. This is especially common for people who found it more difficult to clean their teeth while wearing braces, and whose teeth therefore lost a bit of shine. A permanent retainer bonded to the back of the teeth won't get in the way of an in-office teeth whitening in Calgary at all. During the treatment, whitening peroxide gel is applied only to the front of the teeth. The gel is highly viscous and likely won't come into contact with the retainer during the procedure. The gel also won't have any detrimental effect on the adhesive holding the retainer to your teeth, as it is only meant to break down tooth enamel stains. Teeth whitening with a permanent retainer can also be done at home, with a special whitening kit provided by your dentist in Calgary. The whitening kit will consist of two trays which can be custom made to fit over top of your teeth and your permanent retainer. You simply fill the trays with a whitening solution and whiten your teeth in the comfort of your own home. Whichever teeth whitening method you prefer, all you'll really have to do to prepare your teeth and your permanent retainer is to give them both a good cleaning beforehand. Any built up plaque can prevent the whitening gel from reaching the entire surface of a tooth. If you have any concerns about whitening your teeth while wearing a permanent retainer, simply talk to your dentist about it. A dental professional will be able to assess you and let you know if your retainer will pose any problem. At Forest Lawn Dental Centre we provide both braces in Calgary and teeth whitening in Calgary, so we know all about brightening up your smile once your braces have come off. We'll make sure that your teeth are straight, that the correct steps are taken to keep them that way once your braces come off, and that you can complete your new look with a professional teeth whitening. We are a dental office in SE Calgary that wants you to love the look of your smile as much as we love helping you achieve it. To learn more about our teeth whitening services or our braces in Calgary, just contact Forest Lawn Dental Centre today.


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