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Dental Tools and Their Uses

Most people consider their time spent in the chair at a dental clinic unpleasant, if not terrifying. However, dental anxiety can be greatly alleviated by familiarizing yourself with the typical proceedings of a dental examination. One great way to do so is by developing an understanding of the tools commonly used by your dentist.

  • Mouth mirror One of the most recognizable dental tools is the mouth mirror. It’s used to help the dentist inspect your tongue, gums and teeth. It can also be used to reflect light into darker areas of your mouth for improved visibility.

  • Scalers While brushing and flossing are generally effective at battling plaque buildup, sometimes a little extra assistance is required. That’s where scalers come in. They’ll help prevent tooth decay by removing the bacteria that result from the adhesion of food or drink particles to your teeth.

  • Sickle probe You’re likely well-acquainted with this scary-looking instrument. Sickle probes are metal tools with long handles and a sharp hook at the end. They play an important role in preventative dentistry as they allow the dentist to explore the areas between your teeth, scrape away tartar and plaque, and examine cavities.

  • Suction device This tool is far less scary than the others are, although it can lead to some discomfort, it’s often the cause of comedic situations. The suction device, or saliva ejector, is a tube attached to a vacuum. It’s used to remove saliva or water from your mouth during dental procedures that require a dry surface. It can definitely feel strange when you’re asked to close your mouth over the device, especially should it stick to your cheek or tongue!

  • Dental drill Last, but certainly not least, is the infamous dental drill. Its whirring noise is a thing of nightmares for those with dental anxiety. While it’s scary, the dental drill is key in preventing future pain and disease, as it’s used to remove decay, fill cavities and repair chips. So, next time you hear the dreaded sound, remember that it’s all going towards maintaining your good oral health.

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