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Frequently Asked Questions About Braces

Braces are a big decision for everyone. For most people they’re a major investment of time, money, and effort. At the same time, they’ll help improve your smile and self-confidence. In many cases, braces can even help contribute to your overall health as misaligned teeth can affect breathing and eating, among other things.

How long will I have my braces? This depends on what exactly the issue is with your teeth and what kind of braces you choose. Most fixed braces take between 12 and 24 months to do the job. After your braces have come off, however, you will still have to wear a retainer for some time. Will it be painful? Everyone has a different experience with braces with varying degrees of pain or discomfort. After all, braces are shifting the teeth in your mouth. That being said, your dentist will know which form of braces can minimize any discomfort and most people quickly get used to the process. How many times will my braces need to be adjusted? For typical fixed braces, usually every six to eight weeks. Why are there elastics on my braces? The various elastics (also known as “ligatures”) in your braces serve a few different purposes. The point of braces is to slowly and gently move your teeth into a preferable position. The rubber bands provide some of the force that moves the teeth and also help guide the teeth in the proper direction. At what age can I get braces? Am I too young? Too old? The only real requirement is that you have your adult teeth. Before that, braces are inappropriate, though there are other corrective options available. The ideal age for braces is between ten and fourteen years old, when your teeth are still comparatively mobile. For people older than that, braces are still an option, but be sure to consult with your dentist to find out all of your options. Will braces limit the activities I can participate in? With a little practice, just about every activity you did without braces, you can do with them. For instance, braces won’t prevent you from playing most sports, but be sure to wear a protective mouth guard to keep your teeth and your expensive braces safe from accidents. We at Forest Lawn Dental Centre are here to answer all your questions about braces or cosmetic dentistry in general. We can work with you to develop a personalized dental care plan to suit your unique needs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment or learn more about options available for cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, or family dentistry.


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