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How to Choose the Best Mouthwash

Mouthwash can kill bacteria in your mouth and keep your breath fresh, but not all of them are created equal. Here's how to choose the best mouthwash for you!

You've heard it a million times before: brush, floss your teeth, and use mouthwash every single day to keep your mouth healthy and your breath fresh. But when you go to the store to buy mouthwash, the wide selection and variety of mouthwashes available can boggle the mind. The paradox of choice, huh? So, what is the best mouthwash out there? The most popular mouthwash brands in Canada are Listerine, Crest, and Scope. But how can you tell if those are really the best mouthwashes for you and your family's needs? Read on to see how to choose a mouthwash that will work best for you.

Are All Mouthwashes Created Equal?

As you might imagine, not all mouthwashes are created equal. Do not be fooled by the advertising that you see on TV or online.

Some mouthwashes are cosmetic, and others are therapeutic. The difference is that the cosmetic ones are only for superficial help, whereas the therapeutic ones help reduce the risk of tooth decay.

You need to be careful when choosing a mouthwash, by checking the ingredients that they use. Ensure that your mouthwash contains active ingredients, such as Chlorhexidine, and Fluorine, because these target tooth decay and plaque.

The primary reason you are using mouthwash is for excellent oral health. All your efforts would be negated if you ended up choosing a cosmetic mouthwash with no active ingredient


Common Myths About Mouthwash

There are many benefits of mouthwash, but there are also some common myths that you need to watch out for:

  1. Using mouthwash daily is not harmful - Mouthwash contains many different ingredients that could be harmful to your oral health if used daily or too frequently, causing dry mouth, bad breath, and more.

  2. Mouthwash can cure bad breath – Sometimes bad breath doesn't come from your mouth, but from your lungs, and from the food you are eating.

  3. You can use mouthwash instead of brushing your teeth - Absolutely not! You need to remember that brushing your teeth and flossing your teeth every day is essential.

  4. Mouthwash is effective even if used for a few seconds - At the very least, you need to swish mouthwash around in your mouth for 30 seconds, for it to be completely effective at removing bacteria.

Were you surprised by these myths? That's why a family dentist is crucial because they can help you decide the right mouthwash for you and your particular needs and debunk any of the common misconceptions out there.


How to Choose the Best Mouthwash

Which mouthwash should I choose, you must be asking? It doesn't seem like a straightforward choice, does it? Your choice of mouthwash would depend on your particular oral health conditions and concerns. Not all mouthwashes are created equal and depend on your reason for using one. Additionally, your family dentist may recommend one that is prescribed, and not available over the counter. Discuss your concerns with your dentist at Forest Lawn Dental Center in Calgary to make an informed decision that will be right for you!


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