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When Should I Reline My Dentures?

Just like your natural teeth, your dentures require maintenance in order to look and feel their best. But it’s important to keep in mind that dentures are meant to offer a semi-permanent solution for missing teeth and even the most well-maintained dentures can wear down or become misaligned with time. If you think that your dentures might need to be relined, keep reading for more information.

What Does it Mean to Have Your Dentures Relined? A denture reline is a simple dental procedure to refit the base of your dentures to your jawline. A denture reline should only be performed by a dentist in Calgary to ensure that you get the tightest and most comfortable fit. Store-bought reline kits will not give you the same results that your dentist can, and may end up irritating your gum line. How Can You Tell When It’s Time for a Reline? You can tell it’s time for a denture reline if you start experiencing one or more of the following symptoms: • Sore gums or jaw • Loose dentures • Food entrapment • Excess saliva • Discomfort As a general rule, you should have your dentures relined every two to four years. You may also need to have your dentures relined if: • You’re losing bone in your jaw • You’ve recently lost weight • You’re suffering from an illness that affects your bone density • You’ve lost additional natural teeth If you think you might benefit from having your dentures relined, talk to your dentist in Calgary for a full assessment today. What to Expect After a Denture Reline After a denture reline you may experience some mild discomfort as your mouth adjusts to your new dentures. You may also feel increased suction if your upper denture was relined. In general, a denture reline should give you more stability when you eat and talk, and allow less food to flow underneath the denture apparatus, resulting in improved comfort overall. Book with Forest Lawn Dental Centre for a Denture Reline For more information about dentures, proper denture care or dental hygiene in general, visit a dentist from Forest Lawn Dental Centre in Calgary today. Our team of friendly and knowledgeable dental professionals welcomes patients of all ages. For more than 18 years, Forest Lawn Dental Centre has been Calgary’s choice for gentle, compassionate and affordable dental care. Contact us today to learn more about the dental services we offer or to book an appointment. We’ll make you smile!


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